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A Photographic Guide Birds Of Jamaica And The West Indies


A photographic Guide to The Birds Of Jamaica and the West Indies. By G.Michael Flieg and Allan Sander

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Angelfishes and Butterflyfishes (Captive Care Advice)


Angelfishes and Butterflyfishes (Captive Care Advice) by Scott W. Micheal

The book was previously owned, in good condition (Hardcover)

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Aquarium Corals (Selection, Husbandry, and Natural History)


Aquarium Corals (Selection, Husbandry, and Natural History) By Eric H.Borneman

The book was previously owned, in good condition (Hardcover)

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Birds Of Prey – Phillip Perry


Birds of Prey By Phillip Perry

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Ceramic Heat Lamp 60 Watt


Ceramic Infrared Heat lamp for terrariums

• Ideal for creating necessary warm areas in the terrarium.
• Supports digestion, promotes well-being and activity.
• Suitable as a constant heat source in terrariums.
• Enables night observation of the animals without disrupting the 24 hour cycle.
• Ideal in combination with a suitable thermostat in order to regulate the heat.
• Only use Heat Emitter in a suitable Ceramic Lamp Holder.

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Ceramic Reptile Clamp Lamp 75-125Watt


• Multi-directional clamp.
• Heat resistant ceramic fitting.
• Heavy gauge, highly reflective aluminium dome.
• Detachable protective mesh cover.
• In-line on/off switch.
• E27.

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Compact UVB Pro Desert Reptile Basking Lamp 23 Watt


Compact 3U Zone 3
UVI : 2.8
UVI* : Average UVI at 30cm without reflector over 6 months of test in our long term testing facility. 

• High Output for the synthesis of Vitamin D3.

• Full spectrum, excellent colour rendition.
• Use as a UV Basking Lamp.
• Need no ballast, use E27 standard screw fitting.
• Not dimmable.
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DS 6000 Digital Scale

  • 6 kg/13 lb capacity
  • 1 gram resolution
  • convenient tare button
  • backlit display makes for easy reading
  • Automatic on/off function
  • Included bowl doubles as a cover when not in use
  • the stainless steel construction makes cleaning easy
  • 4AAA Batteries included
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Eco Pro T5 Gen 2 Fixture Zone 2 (8-54W/12-46″)


The Eco T5 unit, has been added to the range to provide quality lighting at an affordable price, giving everyone access to good UV lighting. This lightweight single lamp unit, with built in reflector, combines a Reptile Systems HOT5 lamp with a reliable, electronic, flicker free ballast unit all in one convenient bundle. It has a 103° removable reflector to give powerful wide spread of light thanks to its uncoated, highly reflective surface and offers some of the best results achievable for a unit of this type.

Reptile systems lamps have been designed to replicate the profile of sunlight, as closely as possible, to produce a full spectrum lamp with balanced amounts of UVA and UVB, whilst producing excellent natural colours. We recognised the need for good quality UV lighting, for reptiles to convert this to D3, through a series of chemical events. This process is self-regulating and is essential for reptiles to absorb calcium from their diet, eliminating the risk of metabolic bone disease.

The most modern and enlightened way to work out the UV requirements for your reptile is by using the Ferguson zones. These zones are divided up into UV requirements and natural basking characteristics for chosen species. Locate your animal on the chart, or one that closely resembles its behaviour, and this will show you the zone you need.

This information can be easily found on our packaging to help you make the correct choice for you and your animal. Our charts give you correct distance values for your basking sites, enabling you to achieve a suitable photo gradient within your enclosure. Mount your lamp 30cm or more, from your basking sites – recommended for ocular health – plus we also list minimum safe distances due to the potency of our lamps and their use.

The Eco T5 unit comes with a free fixing kit, link cable, straight connectors and mains power lead, offering exceptional value for money while delivering excellent results for those who want performance on a budget.

Eco T5 unit can be linked together using the daisy chain or straight connector up to a maximum of ten other compatible units making it ideal for keepers with large or multiple enclosures.
IP50 is rated for dry vivarium’s or can be mounted on top of mesh topped enclosures with excellent results.

The Eco T5 unit is currently available in the following sizes :

24W – 570mm
39W – 870mm
54W – 1170mm
Due to the budget nature of this exceptional unit it is NOT compatible with Reptile Systems T5 New Dawn LED, but it is suitable for all standard T5 fluorescent reptile and bird lamps.
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